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  • Sales from $15 million to $150 million
  • EBITDA > $3 million and margins > 10%
  • Turnarounds with pro forma EBITDA > $5 million per annum
  • Attractive returns on operating capital


  • United States and Canada

Industry Segments

  • Niche manufacturers of consumer or industrial products
  • Value added distribution companies
  • Business and consumer service companies
  • Restaurants and retail

Business Characteristics

  • Hold strong market positions
  • Have sustainable franchise values
  • Are differentiated by superior value propositions relative to competitors
  • Have competitive advantages
  • Are mature or maturing and have surpassed early stages of development
  • Compete in markets with stable or growing primary demand
  • Have tangible and/or intangible assets supporting enterprise value

Performance History

  • Companies with a history of consistent profitability
  • Financially distressed companies with positive EBITDA burdened by financial leverage
  • Operationally challenged companies requiring strategic refocusing or cost realignment

Avoided Industries

  • Early Stage Companies or Venture Capital
  • Biotech
  • Computer Hardware or Software
  • Real Estate
  • General Contractors or Subcontractors

Intermediary Fees

  • Coastline is pleased to pay for introductions that lead to completed transactions
  • Coastline is pleased to pay for unique ideas that lead to completed transactions